The Relay Rips perform upbeat & horn-fuelled folk-rock, skiffle-punk, country-soul & rock n roll. After forming to pay off a parking ticket in 2008 The Relay Rips continue to write & perform in pubs, clubs & festivals around the UK.

The band’s first release in 2010 was the album “Oh Touché”. This debut album launched with a rocking show narrowly attended by a front man who was days earlier stranded in Europe when an Icelandic volcano erupted. Oh Touché was mostly recorded live in Bristol’s Toy Box studio & in part in the living room of a friend, to catch the bands early low-fi ethos and energetic live sound.

Over the following year more songs & styles were introduced to develop a more rounded 90 minute show and complete the second album “Clementine Valentine”. The Rips returned to Toy Box studios to record once again but this time with greater imagination and a larger stereo vision. The album “Clementine Valentine” is scheduled for release in September 2012.

Wanna get in touch? Just drop an email to therelayrips@googlemail.com.